Bridesmaid Dress – Elegant Choice

Published: 09th February 2011
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The maid of the bride is called bridesmaid and her dress should look elegant, good and beautiful too. Bridesmaid dresses have very little amount of color to choose from. Modern world has brought more options to choose. In the last few years, bridesmaid dresses have gone out of fashion. Many color suits for bridesmaid dress. Nowadays, colors other than white pay a good part. For a dramatic, but elegant look, bridesmaids are dressed in purple color. Some other popular colors are ivory, gold etc. In 2009 all bridesmaid dresses were of soft colors but now in 2010, it has changed to bold colors like purple which is the considered as the hottest 2010 wedding color. Even ruby, coral, light gray colors are popular nowadays.

Earlier brides select a dress for bridesmaid. But in modern days brides allow their bridesmaid to choose a style of dress which suits their body type best. Even the color of the dress is allowed to be chosen by the bridesmaid themselves that fits their body color. Another 2010 trend is the use of more casual fabrics. Now satin has a place in bridesmaid fashion but cotton, silks and natural fabric blends will be coming in near future. Satin dresses are best suited for night marriage ceremonies. Nowadays, most people prefer to have their wedding party in shorter, more fun and non – traditional styles.

Blush is a gentle shade that could work well for a lot of different kinds of weddings. For summer season weddings, organza and chiffon are beautiful fabrics. Blush is a very versatile bridesmaid costume. Many girls are looking for latest new looks in bridesmaid dresses. Black is always a very good choice for both brides and bridesmaid.

There are many new trends that come up. One of the trends that exists since last year is, a shawl along with the dress. Yet another is to choose a manufacturer that offers different styles in same fabric. Another popular trend is ‘color run’ that is, each maid wears a different color of the same dress.

Thus, selecting a bridesmaid dress should be so perfect and appropriate. A bridesmaid dress should match with the other bridesmaid dresses too. Some buy a very low cost bridesmaid dress as they want to reduce their wedding cost. This is a very stressful work but fun too. This is a time which we cannot forget in our lifetime.

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